J-Gold PRP Hair loss Treatment

If you are looking for a qualified and experienced Doctor to administer a Platelet Rich Plasma PRP hair loss treatment in Hazlemere, High Wycombe  Beaconsfield, Amersham, Chesham, Loudwater, and Totteridge then you are in the right place. At Javaani Aesthetic Clinic, you will only be treated by qualified medical professionals giving you peace of mind. PRP hair loss treatment cost is less than others.

PRP Hair Loss Treatment

J-Gold Hair loss treatment combines PRP and Microneedling to stimulate new hair growth and support the exiting weakened hair.

Types of hair loss

Androgenic Alopecia

Androgenic alopecia is a chronic and progressive genetic condition which causes hair loss and affects both men and women. In men this condition is commonly known as male-pattern baldness, and it is an extremely common disorder which affects around 50% of men. In men the hairs recede in a specific pattern, moving the hairline backwards. In women there is a generalised thinning of hair (hair loss Treatment) all over the head.

1-Alopecia Areata

This is an autoimmune condition in which hairs fall out in patches of various sizes. This condition can affect any part of the scalp, beard or eyebrows.

2-Telogen Effluvium

This condition is caused by various physical or psychological stresses. Hair growth takes place in various phases and in this condition more than usual number of hairs move into resting phase and fall.

3-Traction Alopecia

In this condition hair fall due to physical pulling and traction due to different hair styles.

4-Hair loss due to illness or chemotherapy

PRP after recovery from the main condition can stabilise and reverse hair loss. There is increasing clinical evidence that PRP therapy can stimulate hair follicles, strengthen them, reduce follicle destruction, and stimulate natural hair re-growth. It promotes and regenerates hair growth. Moreover, it is also effective for the treatment of hair thinning.

How does it work?

PRP works through stimulating the hair cells (hair follicles) by the action of natural growth factors. These growth factors are released by the specialised cells called platelets which are concentrated in PRP. This PRP is injected into the scalp which in turn increases blood flow to the treated area, strengthens hair and stimulate growth of new hairs.

Microneedling further stimulates hair follicles and works in synergy with the PRP.

Results of PRP hair loss treatment

PRP is not a cure for androgenic alopecia therefore multiple PRP therapy sessions will be needed to maintain the results.


Not every type of hair loss can be treated, but a doctor may be able to prevent further hair loss. It can take months before you see results from treatment. No one treatment works for everyone, even two people with the same type of hair loss. Sometimes, hair loss is stubborn and requires trying different treatments before finding one that works.