Fat Freezing (Cryotherapy) Treatment in (Hazlemere) High Wycombe


Cryolipolysis is an aesthetic treatment designed to reduce fat and improve body contours.

Cryo means freezing

Lipo means fat cells

Lysis means breakdown and elimination

In short cryolipolysis is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment of localised fat by cold induced destruction of fat cells.


Cryolipolysis works bets on areas where the fat is localised and is difficult to get rid of by using conventional methods including diet and exercise. This treatment can prove to be a kick start who are practice a healthy lifestyle and want to get into shape.

The following areas can be treated using this technique

Abdominal fat

Flanks (love handles)

Bra bulge (back fat)


Under arm fat

Double chin

Banana roll (fat pad below the buttocks)

How is Cryolipolysis performed?


The therapist carefully marks the area to be treated and then covers that area with a special gel coated film (anti-freezing membrane) which protects the skin during the freezing process. The specialised handles attached to the body of main machine are placed over the marked area and vacuum is turned on. This sucks the fat into the hollow of the handles, and it gets stuck to the body due to the vacuum pressure. Once the handles are secured the freezing process starts. This rapidly cools the sucked-in localised fat up to -7 degree centigrade. At this temperature fat cells start to break and disintegrate. The fat is released and transported through body’s natural lymphatic system and ultimately eliminated out of the body

What are the advantages of Fat Freezing?

As compared to surgery it does not require anaesthesia or incisions.

There is no downtime.

Procedure is fairly comfortable.

It can prove to be a strong motivation to achieve a well contoured body by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

What are the limitations of Fat Freezing?

It can help to reduce fat and contour body areas, but it cannot achieve weight loss.

A desirable result cannot be achieved in a single session as in liposuction. Depending on the amount of fat usually 3 treatment sessions usually 12 weeks apart can be required.

Loose skin after fat loss may require radiofrequency skin tightening.

Who cannot have Fat Freezing?


Breast feeding

People with circulatory problems

People on blood thinner medications

People with pacemakers or defibrillators

People with history of liver or kidney damage

It is not for people trying to achieve weight loss

If there are any active skin lesions at the site to be treated

What happens with the treated fat cells?

In the following few days after cryolipolysis the fat cells die and disintegrate. Over the next several months, specialised cells called macrophages get accumulated in the treated area which start to clear the dead cells and their remnants.

Is Fat Freezing painful?

A sensation of intense cold is felt when the temperature falls gradually to -7 degree centigrade. During this drop in temperature the area goes numb and the treatment can continue with relative ease and comfort. Some clients experience sensation of pinching, stinging and soreness in the initial phase of treatment but they subside as the area becomes numb.

What are the risks and potential side effects?

Most of the side effects are usually transient and settle within few hours. These include:






Fat freezing does not have any damaging effect on the internal organs.


How body responds in recovery phase?

Everyone is different and depending on body’s metabolism, state of hydration and nutrition, people can have different experiences during recovery.

Another key factor is the extent of surface area of the body treated. You will be able to go back to your everyday life, but you may feel sore and slightly swollen in the treated area. If possible, it would be good to have a relaxed routine after the treatment.

In the next few days, you may feel tingling sensations in the area. This is normal and is due to regeneration of nerves in the treated area. Sometimes described as stinging, cramping, or tingling, this usually subsides quickly.

One to two weeks after the procedure, it is common to feel itch in the treated area. This is the result of inflammatory process active in the treated fat layer. This symptom can be effectively treated with oral antihistamines.

Sensation of numbness in the treated area typically resolves within 2 to 3 weeks.

The body will eliminate the dead or damaged fat cells over the next three months. It is strongly advised to drink plenty of water and take good care of yourself by adopting healthy lifestyle.

Javaani Tip: Start to drink at least 2.5 litres of water and reduce alcohol intake few days before the treatment.

When can you see the results of Fat Freezing?

Appreciable difference can be seen after a month which improves further in the following two months. The body will continue to eliminate the treated fat cells for up to six months after the treatment.

Are the results permanent?

This process results in the death of fat cells and hence the results should be permanent—so long as you do not gain weight. A healthy low-fat, low carb diet and regular exercise will help you make the most of your investment.

How many sessions are required to achieve target?

Usually three treatments every 3 months are required for optimal results.

How much does Fat Freezing cost?

The cost depends on your personalised treatment plan, including the number of areas treated, total surface area, and the number of sessions you get.

To make the procedure more affordable, Javaani Aesthetic Clinic offers 0% Finance to all our clients. We also accept cash and major credit cards.

Can Fat Freezing be combined with other treatments for contouring?

Yes, we can effectively combine fat freezing with Ultrasound Cavitation and Radiofrequency skin tightening to achieve the best possible results. Adding Ultrasound Cavitation also speeds up the whole process of body contouring.

What is the aftercare after Fat Freezing?

Maintain your weight.

Drink at least 2.5 litres of water / fluid to support your lymphatic system.

Reduce your intake of caffeine to no more than 2 cups a day.

Eat a healthy diet which is low in carbohydrates and fats.

Reduce your alcohol intake to 1 or 2 drinks per week.

Be active.


  • Best way to lose fat without dieting and exercise.
  • The best alternative to liposuction
  • No aftercare required

Treatment Summary

Procedure Time

1 hour

Duration of results

6 months

Back to work


Pain Level


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