Lip Enhancement and Beautification

Our lips are centre of attraction and are the first area on our face to show signs of aging. Just as the skin on body ages the skin on the lips ages too. It is constantly moisturised from within by hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar. However, the skin loses hyaluronic acid over time with age and lines begin to appear around the mouth. Javaani Clinic has an exclusive range of lip fillers to enhance the look of your lips, giving you more defined, fuller, and improved shape of your lips.Lip enhancement is a very popular cosmetic procedure today. Although many practitioners offer this service, it’s important for those considering the procedure to consult with an experienced cosmetic doctor like Dr Ahmad at Javaani Clinic. While prices for the procedure may vary from one provider to the next, it’s best to select a doctor based on experience and patient recommendation, rather than the fees.

Q: Is the treatment safe?


Q- Who can get this treatment?

Everyone. However, it should be avoided in cases of skin infection, allergies and chronic disease affecting the muscles. It should also be avoided during pregnancy and lactation.

Q- Are there any side effects?

It can cause mild pain and tenderness on the lips. Rarely can cause the bruise at the site of injection.

Q:-Are Lip Fillers right for you?

As we age, lips naturally lose volume and plumpness. This is due to the overall decrease in collagen and elastin that occurs as we age. These are the complex proteins in our skin which provide structure, support, and elasticity. Our lips get thinner and smaller as we get older.

Q- What can Lip Fillers achieve?

Fillers can restore lost volume, redefine, and reshape lips.

Q:-How often can I have Lip Filler?

Lip volume is best built up in stages, and it is best that you have smaller volumes of filler added over a period of month to get the desired outcome.

Q:-Does Lip Filler hurt?

Many dermal filler products are available with the addition of 0.3% lidocaine combined with the hyaluronic acid gel in the syringe. This provides instant relief from pain upon injection and removes the need for a separate nerve block or topical anaesthesia. A topical numbing cream is offered.


  • Hydrates lips
  • Will improve smokers’ lines
  • Restores symmetry of the lips
  • Enhance the definition of your lips
  • Restores upper and lower lips to the optimal ratio
  • Recovery is fast with little to no side-effects
  • Gradual progression to achieve the optimum result
  • Lip filler can add or restore natural-looking volume to your lips

Treatment Summary

Treatment Summary

Procedure Time


Back to work


Pain Level


Duration of results


 6 to 12 months