Javaani Signature Facial

Javaani offers a unique intense collagen boosting and invigorating treatment by combining intensive Endocare growth factors with micro-needling surface skin renewal , hydrating mask and Dermalux LED phototherapy.

How it works?

Endocare products contain a powerful and advanced snail-derived growth factor complex, SCA BioRepair clinically proven to induce powerful collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production. Micro-needling with SkinPen both regenerates the top layer of the skin and creates an effective delivery system to infuse the skin with intense Endocare growth factors. Dermalux instantly energises skin cells stimulating the natural rejuvenation and repair processes to promote healthy looking skin. It also accelerates cell renewal and revitalises a dull and tired complexion


  • Amazing glow and plump skin are seen after just one treatment
  • For best long lasting results we recommend a series of three Javaani Signature Facials delivered 2 weeks apart
Q: Who Is It For?

This treatment is a powerful, results-driven facial that helps to deal with the visible signs of stress, ageing and sun-damage and is ideal if you’re looking for a radiant, smoother complexion with no pain or downtime.


Q-Does It Hurt?

No, the treatment will not hurt although you may feel a slight tingling sensation on the skin.

Q-Can This Facial Be Performed On All Skin Types?

Yes. It is a safe procedure for all skin types

Q: What Should One Avoid Applying On The Skin After The Treatment?

Retinol, Glycolic acid, active or acidic ingredients should be avoided for 72 hours after the treatment

Q: What Will I Look Like After The Procedure?

Glowing, radiant and youthful.

Who Should Avoid This Procedure?

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should postpone treatment. The final suitability shall be assessed at the consultation before procedure

When Will I See Results?
Results can be appreciated immediately, and they continue to improve in the following week.  Generally, three treatments, spaced four to six weeks apart, are used for general skin firming, brightening, rejuvenating and tone improving reasons.


  • 100% biocompatible, versatile and safe
  • Helps boost tissue repair and regeneration.
  • Results in natural, smoother and younger looking skin
  • Hydrates skin
  • Enhanced production of collagen

Treatment Summary

Treatment Summary

Procedure Time

60-90 minutes

Back to work


Duration of results

6-12 months

Pain Level

Mild with topical numbing cream

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