Ultimate Chemical Remodelling (Skin Peeling)

For this treatment, we make use of Enerpeel® technology which is far better than any other kind of peel available. It’s an innovative technology that restricts the activity of the acids until they are completely absorbed. The treatment leads to two-to-three layers of skin penetration.


  • Leads to enhanced skin rejuvenation
  • Deals with fine wrinkles, acne, pigmentation, and rosacea

Treatment Summary

Procedure Time

30-45 minutes

Back to work

1 to 5 days depending upon the type/strength of peel used

Pain Level

Very mild to mild. Sensation of tingling and heat is usually felt during the treatment.


Anyone suffering from fine wrinkles, sun damage, acne scars, dull skin, and uneven pigmentation.

Avoid waxing, laser hair removal, and any aggressive skin treatment for two weeks after the treatment.

The skin might feelt tighter and turn red. However, the side effects subside after a few hours.

Soft cleansing and light moisturization are recommended after the treatment. Scrubbing and the use of wash clothes should be avoided.

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