Brazilian Bum Lift

It’s one of the most innovative non-surgical treatments available in UK today which competes in terms of effectiveness with surgical procedures. There is nothing as being too old or too young to get the body you want in today’s world.

Kim Kardashian and other celebrities setting the trend of curvy bum are hotly in fashion. Unfortunately, everyone is not able to achieve big bum without surgery or assistance of this treatment. You don’t need to undergo plastic surgeries involving fat grafting to get the look what you want. Thankfully you can add volume and shape your butt at the same time without undergoing surgeries with non-invasive and non -surgical Brazilian Bum Lift.

At Javaani we use CE marked high standard equipment to reduce stubborn fatty deposits and target cellulite while tightening the skin and improving the shape giving it a larger and contoured appearance. The procedure has no downtime, and the procedure leaves the skin smooth and firm. It tightens the skin. You can achieve the shape you require and a sculpted look without any harmful risks.

How It Works?

We combine radio frequency and ultrasound technology to help clients achieve a more rounded and lifted buttocks with improved firmness. These technologies work together to break down fat cells and contour buttocks. The combination of technology helps to reduce fat, reshape the area, and tighten skin. Brazilian Bum lift is very effective procedure that can produce significant results from just one treatment as the clients begin to see the difference in size and appearance of the bum.


Q:How many sessions do I need?

Javaani recommends a course of three treatments usually to begin with to see the best possible outcome. The number of treatments varies and depends on the individual as to what results they want to achieve.

Q-Is the treatment comfortable?

A Brazilian Bum lift involves no needles. The entire session happens when you are awake. As the fat is not heated or frozen there is no discomfort and minimal recovery time. You should be able to return to normal daily activities right away.

Q- Will the effects of the Bum Lift last?

As with any cosmetic enhancement, results will last longer if proper maintenance is undertaken. The improved skin quality, lift and tone will last long when combined with balanced diet and regular exercise. Top up sessions are often necessary to keep your behind at your desired look long-term.

Q-How long does a session take?

Each session takes an hour.

Q-Are there any side-effects?

You may experience a slight reddening, swelling, discolouration, needing to go toilet more, but this usually subsides within few hours. Sometimes you may get bruise which can take few days to subside.

Treatment Summary

Treatment Summary

Procedure Time

60 Minutes

Back to work


Pain Level


Duration of results

2-4 years